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Outdoor LED display for the future development of the four important factors

Views: 114     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-14      Origin: Site

Digital technology and Internet technology, big data applications to the development of LED display industry has a huge influence.Audience segmentation, media advertising time cutting step by step.Offer more efficient and more accurate media advertising display.To further improve the conversion rate of advertising.The market is undergoing great changes.The needs of the media has inspired LED display manufacturers of technological innovation.Comprehensive domestic and international ourphperparts to explore practice, the following four key words, the most profound effect on the audience will be main factors that influence the future direction of the outdoor LED technology.

Today's outdoor LED the focus of the media industry competition, focus on how to use technology such as WeChat, the use of APP, AV technology, interaction between the audience and the media.
Practice has proved that the outdoor LED media management on the one hand, to emphasize the stable value of spread itself, at the same time, it should be according to the age of the Internet business transmission characteristics and content requirements, guide the advertisers, outdoor advertising as a communication platform for creativity, through outdoor advertising, pull the content of the Internet, the spread of the creative effects, solve the core issue of advertisers.
It is reversed transmission industry thinking to break through the media, according to the characteristics of the digital life space, turned himself into life services platform, and is not only advertisement carrier.In the digital living space, people need is able to solve their own problems of service, and it is easy to understand electricity brings the enormous change to our lives.
Interaction, is service.For outdoor advertising, the most important thing is to find ways of service and service value, rather than just advertising message.In the time of the audience decides everything, we can also use the usage of the Internet and mobile communications equipment close-fitting sex, spread to each suspension point and each information receiver, such as mobile phone, PDA and other handheld terminals, can become the object of integration development, so as to jump out the limitations of outdoor media, achieve the goal of expanding communications.At the same time, in the new media platforms can ourphp a variety of interactive, consumer choice, personal customization, professional information services, and other forms of new media, these are the essences of outdoor LED advertising can be further future.
Continuously strengthen the interactive function of the outdoor LED the new media, not only can make the audience more easily to access to information and information exchange platform, but also attract more and more audience actively involved in the communication activity, more importantly, will the resulting larger secondary spread.When outdoor interactive function of the new media completely integrated into the daily life of the audience, the dissemination effect of geometric inevitable growth, outdoor media "choice" nature can be very valuable.
Light applications
Is a light application was born in the near term, without regard to its exact meaning, but in general it is not need to download can use applications, such as "e jie", now is looking for near when aunt part-time cleaning applications, there is no need to install a separate APP.If a map APP you can find the generation of a ourphp, a cleaning aunt, near the free taxi, room shops, etc., unless the use frequency is very high, each application or you don't need to download an APP, just on the map to find the entrance to use directly.
In fact, in the face of the current environment, not integrated into the Internet would be tantamount to dig their own graves.For advertising, outdoor advertising with the Internet is the trend of The Times.Because of the constant progress of communication technology in recent years, the Internet with scores of outdoor advertising changed constantly, also ourphp the limitless possibilities for enterprise development.
In the case of digital media, outdoor media digital trend in recent years can be roughly divided into two aspects: one is through the new technology in the "old products" into the implementation and grafting product upgrading, the second is a new outdoor digital media and traditional media such as broadcasting, television and new media platforms such as Internet, mobile phone comprehensive fusion.A new media transmission way of the big change, upset the native formats, made it possible to more new media technology applied in the outdoor, may even make the outdoor media in outdoor play more important role in commercial sales closed loop, for merchants to provide more services in the O2O.
"Internet +" is a trend, and is one of the traditional all walks of life.The depth of the Internet and outdoor LED the media industry fusion, is doomed to be the inevitable outcome of the development of industry.With the constantly emerging of the new media platform, LED advertising and content propagation path pattern to break the bondage of traditional channels is inevitable.Paths from the audience convenience should consider light applications.
Big data
Outdoor LED media have their own customers, and seek to the user, as well as learn the user's "viewing behavior", it is necessary to establish the media database.Outdoor LED media database different from traditional media and network media, its audience is changing, neither the limit of time and space, in the process of viewing also won't leave traces, but for the database construction of "media convergence" provides a very good idea.
Outdoor LED media is stationary, but the audience is mobile, mobile audience everyone has a little interrupt signal transmitters, mobile phones, so through the LED media audience around the definition of the scope and track information of mobile phone users find the outdoor LED the media audience.New horizon in 2014, the guangdong southern newspaper media co., LTD started to cooperate with China unicom guangdong branch, set up nearly 400 indicators, from the track user attributes, behavior, consumer behavior, began to build outdoor hobbies such as Angle LED media audience database, this part of the big data will help outdoor LED the media to achieve precision marketing.
Besides, the contents of the outdoor LED the media are also big data need to solve the problem.Each media has its own standard capacity, TV has length, newspapers have layout, outdoor LED media should also have their own capacity - screen loads.Screen loads including two standard: one is advertising by total length, the second is a single advertisement.The two standard setting will depend on the media surrounding the audience viewing time.By studying the complexity of the roads, and pedestrians' speed to determine the audience information from see LED the media to watch the length of the end of the passive, to set every media screen loads, media content to get the optimal communication effect.
On the other hand LED media advertising design is involved.Through practical experience has proved that TV advertising and print media advertisements are not suitable for direct put on the outdoor LED media use, this is mainly due to the distance between media and the audience.So LED outdoor media advertising design should have their own design principles, and this will be through the big data to study the audience watching the visual center of the outdoor LED media?What are the characteristics of their dynamic viewing behavior?Preference of dynamic or static?These are big data need to solve the problem.
Visual impact
Outdoor advertising as the image of the city, landscape, culture, lifestyle and other important elements of the concept of its future development is bound to be swayed by the trend of the development of the city, city is gradually over the years to the environmental protection, livable, future development, combined with the trend of it is not difficult to foresee, "in the future, digital, environmental protection, virtual realistic, and interactive, giant" etc, will undoubtedly become the coordinates the development of outdoor advertising.
Traditional outdoor advertising mode of transmission, is hard in many homogenous repetition, such as quality, and the equivalent of advertising information competition.In open hole 3 d with the new projection imaging techniques such as represented by the information communication technology, digital multimedia visual communication technology, in particular, over the years despite the let everybody imagination.In this situation, the new outdoor media or want to consider the needs of the audience, the visual representation of rich media, realize the communication effect of jumping, spread breadth finished previously unimaginable.
Facts have proven that outdoor advertising in the dance with technology, can satisfy the audience constantly pursuing new and change of visual demand, ourphp a another classic legend, with innovation to add infinite glamour.

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