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The led display relationship between quality and price

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 The relationship between quality and price, with "a penny a points goods", "cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap" in life, such as is not very appropriate to express, is very vivid.In life, we often enourphper the problem of price comparison, there are too many examples to advance mutual connection between price and quality.In time the choice, because of the large appraisal parameters involved, professional stronger, general users are difficult to use professional means to assess whether the value is proportional to the input of the screen.And avoid the risk of high price to buy a bargain, simply find purchase low-cost manufacturer.

  Really something of value, therefore, when buying will love dearly for a while, but it will make you comfortable for several years, and defective goods at a lower price, buy when excited for a while, but it can let you pain for several years.

theHow to choose a better LED display manufacturer?In the 21st century, the advent of the era of intelligence, plus with the increasing development of market economy, the LED display manufacturer also more and more on the market, products of LED screen to let a person see to is dazzling, also all kinds of LED display quality problem.So the masses of users in the selection screen, must consider the comprehensive strength of the LED screen manufacturers, product quality and after-sales service, etc...Avoid all kinds of the influence of the problems in the future.So what can affect these factors?

  Prices generally speaking is one reason why the users more attention, especially in the home, because everybody wants to buy a cheap and fine products, customers will be happy because the lower the price.But the problem is coming, whether the price is lower, the better the quality?Here is about to give a big question mark.The old saying said good, the wool is on sheep's body, too cheap materials used in the LED display products, technology and pre-market after-sales service quality is hard to imagine, all say cheap goods is not good that it's all right!

Second,Technical aspects

When choosing LED display manufacturers not only depends on the price, you also need to look at the manufacturers have a proprietary technology?Project implementation experience in mature?Were there many successful cases, normally do not professional companyLED display, the quality of its products is to look into.Universal technology advanced LED screen manufacturers will be in the project implementation, reduce a lot of problems, in the process of the after-sales and avoid the waste of time and money.

Three,After-sales service

We all know what the product can use for a long time, can't have been not bad, a lot of people don't know the LED display screen has long service life, the theory of normal life span is 100000 hours, but after long time use will inevitably happen some faults, it contains some technical problem, but it also need professional maintenance, so it is critical that so after-sales service.Currently only strong color giant in the industry as a whole LED display after this is done the most convenient, in order to let the customer can afford to buy buy felt relieved, powerful giant CAI to build service circle three kilometers, 32 office point control nationwide, more than 200 provincial brand operators, more than three thousand engineering services, more than three thousand thousand shop if the layout of the huge both in service and after-sale all gave consumers a great deal of protection.

Four,Geographical reason

When choosing LED display manufacturer, I believe the majority of users are willing to choose the manufacturer of the region, or in various areas such as powerful giant color has a large service network in the industry leading large manufacturers.Why is that?Because close to the LED display manufacturer, communication up will be more convenient, follow-up will be faster, also can direct hands-on direct to teach you the operation, don't use the phone or chat so difficult way.

So suggest broad user, in the choiceLED display manufacturersMust consider to be clear about all aspects of the factors, when considering the above four points or more, hope you can buy the right products

Development today, in fact, the led display industry industry concentration degree is high, the technology matures, raw material prices tend to be more transparent, the choose and buy a screen like the choose and buy computer assembly, products can be inferred by offer basic materials, low price no matter how difficult to achieve high with the screen.While prices are relatively high screen, can require manufacturers to provide the main raw material list ways to identify whether shoddy products.Moreover, really good led display is above such a consortium of tamper with quality to gain improper benefit, they view the brand value, the business reputation to everything, in the face of business reputation, regardless of the long-term development of the short-sighted behaviour is suicide.

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