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Industry Trends

  • Nov
    The difference between small pitch, Mini, Micro LED, COB
    Some important occasions, such as large studios, large stage displays, conference rooms, and TV stations, are extremely demanding on display, fast transmission efficiency, high refresh rate, suppression of moiré, long life, easy installation and maintenance, and multiple backups of content. ......So
  • Nov
    LED Walls for Events
    Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a type of visual technology that can be explained as a series of miniature lights. Much like pixels on a digital screen, each light forms a building block of the overall image. The end result is a large, bright, and visually striking medium that enables images, videos,
  • Oct
    Weather protection for outdoor LED displays, silicon glue water PK COB, PK GOB
    Silicon glue water It is traditional method for outdoor LED digital billboard for many years, stable, and easy to replace the single LED.Advantages and disadvantages: 1, Good protection. 2, Easy to replace one LED, not a whole module. COB: Chip on board.COB is Chip on board, which is a different c
  • Oct
    The differences between nationstar SMD LED and Kinglight SMD LED?
    VISUALLED Displays used middle and high-end quality and cost-effective SMD LED from brand company, like Nationstar and Kinglight, some of clients will ask what is the main differences between them? Here we have some simple explanations.Firstly of all, Nationstar is bigger and longer history LED pack
  • Oct
    Small pitch packaging technology: SMD, COB, GOB
    Since the development of the LED display industry, various production and packaging processes have appeared. From the previous straight process, to the surface mount (SMD) process, to the emergence of COB packaging technology, and finally to the emergence of GOB packaging technology.
  • Oct
    What performance should the LED screen have?
    What performance should the LED screen have? 1, high-definition display effect, better display of advertising screenAs the main carrier of video advertising, HD LED shaped screen display needs high-definition display. Among them, the special-shaped screen includes high resolution, high brightness, h
  • Oct
    How to choose the cost-effective LED screen for your next project?
    What is cost of a LED screen?Most of the us like to know how much cost of a LED screen before buying a LED screen, but it’s hard to answer as now the market of LED screen is changed a lot: some of LED suppliers goes to high-end,
  • Oct
    Understand the design and installation of LED displays?
    1. The joint of the special-shaped screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof; the shaped screen body should have good drainage measures,
  • Sep
    Small spacing in the field of LED display in the national defense military applications
      With the maturing of LED display technology and the improving of the modern national defense strength, LED display system as an important display terminal, information system in military training, military training and military exercises, and daily command combat defense information such as all pl
  • Sep
    Outdoor LED display work will produce a certain quantity of heat
    1. LED display protection gradeAre typically installed outdoor LED display area is larger, and mostly installed in personnel intensive place, so it is important to pay special attention to the screen protection grade, especially typhoon often log in the southeast coastal areas.It want to consider th
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