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Industry Trends

  • Sep
    LED display The power as an important part to provide power supply system

    LED display The power as an important part to provide power supply system, choose a qualified and reliable power supply, right LED Display energy saving effect and service life are all has obvious improvement effect, so how to correctly identify and choose a qualifiedLEDDisplay power supply?Strong

  • Sep
    Under the new technology of LED stage many amazing?The three stage tell you...

    Nearly period of time, as the market product upgrade requirements and national cultural industry's support vigorously, the rental market significantly into the popular stage, the industry for the rental market of "fragmented" also intensified, powerful giant colour display companies such as leasing

  • Sep
    intelligent LED display has been more and more cognitive recognition by the customers..

    Smart products can not only meet the most basic needs of users, but also bring a lot of convenience for more users, also with the vast number of users set up many emotional associations, as more and more by the enthusiasm of the user.in LED displayDisplay field, intelligent LED display has been more

  • Aug
    Small Pitch LED Display

    The small-pitch LED market broke out, and the demand for small-pitch LED downstream market was hot. At this stage, the small-pitch LED display has become a star product that everyone is vying for. The pursuit of high-density display has never stopped, which is also an affirmation of technological p

  • Aug
    What’s difference between Micro LED and Mini LED?

    As a popular product in the LED display industry, Micro LED is regarded as a leader of next-generation display technology. A large number of manufacturers at home and abroad have paid attention to Micro LED, which has promising market prospects.According to LEDinside's latest report, revenue of the

  • Jul
    Analyze the characteristics and differences of LED Curtain Display and LED transparent screen!

    What is the difference between the two screens of the grille screen and the led transparent screen, or what are the differences between the two products, the following answers for you:

  • Jun
    Indoor and outdoor display to switch to use

    Our indoor LED display use after a period of time can change to the outdoor use?Do a comparison analysis on this issue below, take a look at this approach will work. 1. The brightness restrictions.Indoor LED screen brightness demand is not high, with a dynamic scanning circuit,

  • Jun
    Creative display demand "LED +" form to be established

    Creative display demand "LED +" form to be establishedAs stated earlier, at presentLED displayOutdoor advertising screen still exist many problems hinder its further development, to really will open the market of this kind of advertising, maximizes the out the advertisement effect, which requires LE

  • Apr
    LED display and link steps

    Display which some main connection mode? The following main introduced the whole series, parallel, composite group, cross array that 4 links.One, whole series form: general LED1 in a simple way of series connection - n, end to end, equals the current flows through the led display work. Another is in

  • Apr
    national road traffic planning, market prospects for the future

    Statistics show that by the end of 2014, the national highway mileage reached 4.4639 million kilometers, of which the highway 111900 kilometers, the largest in the world.And with the development of urbanization to speed up the footsteps, foreseeable future years for narrowing the gap between urban a

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