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Creative display demand "LED +" form to be established

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-17      Origin: Site

Creative display demand "LED +" form to be established
As stated earlier, at present LED display Outdoor advertising screen still exist many problems hinder its further development, to really will open the market of this kind of advertising, maximizes the out the advertisement effect, which requires LED display manufacturers, outdoor advertisers and advertisers work together to complete.

First of all, LED display manufacturers need from the technical level, the Internet, such as large data ourphp, use a more practical model to outdoor advertising LED screen, form a "big +" form.As compared with the mobile ads, outdoor advertising and the audience interaction is poor, cannot like the former, more audience see advertising products, you can click to buy.In addition, want to be in the advertising business, advertising screen can't directly access LED advertising screen contact way of the Lord.These potential weaknesses, all need the LED screen and accessory products enterprises to solve together.And, when outdoor LED advertising screen and large data, and may even be resolved not privy to AD conversion effect, the problem such as consumers, to bring tangible benefits to advertisers.

Second, LED outdoor advertising screen rich variety of forms of expression, should also develop more innovative, more striking to match the content, rather than a simple video advertising.Such as samsung samsung GalaxyS7LED wall advertising in Europe last year, with great mobile phone appearance, let passers-by can't no "right".And as the UK for donation activity on the outdoor LED advertising, is highly interactive, when passing people donate money using a mobile phone, incomplete image of women in advertising screen can piece together slowly.

Admittedly, LED outdoor advertising screen the potential market is not small, and its "and frustrated" for so long, is nothing more than the traditional outdoor advertising is not accurate, caused by such factors as the lack of data feedback.But now compared with the traditional outdoor billboard, LED outdoor advertising screen form and technical content is far from its display which can be compared, under the condition of such advantage, how can we indulgeLED display Outdoor advertising maintenance and simple application of traditional outdoor advertising in general mode?

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