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Analyze the characteristics and differences of LED Curtain Display and LED transparent screen!

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  What is the difference between the two screens of the led Curtain screen and the led transparent screen, or what are the differences between the two products, the following answers for you:


                         Curtain                2                                                                                   LED Curtain Display                                                                      LED transparent screen

Led Curtain Displayadvantages:


Light weight and low wind load

    The light weight is due to the screen grid, which makes the led display screen transparent, so its wind load capacity is extremely strong.

     High performance and low power consumption

     The real energy saving comes from: high-brightness, high-efficiency led lights, high conversion efficiency power supplies.

Highly integrated

    Highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; power and signal are plugged in one line)

IP67 high protection rating

    The concept of IP67 is soaking and waterproofing, that is, the overall immersion of the product, compared with the surface protection of IP65.

Easy to install and easy to maintain

    No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, front or rear installation.

The led Curtain Display is a kind of led screen which is composed of a light bar and is also called a led light strip screen. Mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops and other fields. Led grille screen breaks through the conventional led display to limit the building and wall, making the project flexible and more selective.

Led Curtain Display has a service life of 2-3 years. It is a LED display product for lighting. It is generally used indoors because its permeability is 30-60%, and the overall power consumption is relatively low. Natural ventilation and heat dissipation, but the relative temperature rises, the installation environment is strict, the advantage is that the control box and the installation structure are integrated design, and the installation space is small.

Led transparent screen advantages:

LED transparent screen

Ultra high transparency

    The transparency at the highest pixel can be as high as 75%-95%, and the screen can hardly be seen outside the line of sight of 10 meters.

Easy to assemble and debug

      The module can be quickly and easily fixed to the bracket with both hands, or it can be customized.

Lightweight and easy to transport

       Including all structures and power supplies, the weight per square meter is only 12kg, only half the weight of the traditional screen, ultra-light weight is very convenient to transport and save costs.

High brightness and low energy consumption

     Using a custom high-brightness and high-efficiency LED chip, the maximum power consumption is only 800W with a screen brightness of 5000cd m2. Led energy consumption is not only lower than the projection and lcd display, but also the high brightness of the screen can be guaranteed to be clearly visible in the daytime sunshine.

Easy to maintain:

     Long life, only need to replace the light bar, no need to replace the entire module. Use outdoor standard package led light, UV resistant

The service life of led transparent screen greatly exceeds the LED Curtain Display, and the life span is up to 50,000 hours. It is usually used in construction media and interactive media scenes. The power consumption is very low, and the energy saving effect is superior. This transparent led glass is extremely thin, only ordinary glass. The thickness is convenient to install, the permeability is 99%, the light transmittance is ≥80%, and it does not need heat dissipation and strong weather resistance, and has the advantages of waterproof and impact resistance.

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