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Small Pitch LED Display

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Small Pitch LED Display

 The small-pitch LED market broke out, and the demand for small-pitch LED downstream market was hot. At this stage, the small-pitch LED display has become a star product that everyone is vying for. The pursuit of high-density display has never stopped, which is also an affirmation of technological progress. However, under high attention, its advantages are significant, and shortcomings will be revealed. In order to cope with the increasing competition for survival, LED screen enterprises need to change from OEM to overall solution provider, from product quality to distribution channel expansion, after-sales service, brand marketing, and cost-effectiveness.

  At the marketing level, we often talk about a concept, that is, the user experience, how to better enhance the user experience, how to better meet the needs of customers, is the aspect that LED display companies should pay more attention to. So how to better close to customer needs? First of all, we must start from the product level, because, good products, they can speak.

  Standard resolution

  Recently, one problem that LED display screens have been criticized is that the splicing unit is mostly made by using a ratio of 1:1 width and height. When used to splicing the video wall of the mainstream 16:9 signal source, there is a problem that the specifications are not equal. On the other hand, in the large-screen field, DLP splicing, liquid crystal splicing and other technologies can achieve a 16:9 ratio splicing unit, which becomes a serious injury to the LED screen.

16:9 is the recognized standard for international UI and high-definition video. It is called standard resolution and meets the needs of human eye comfort. This makes the current display device more than this ratio, including the image displayed on the LED display. This "golden ratio" equipment is collected and produced.

The 1:1 unit can't achieve point-to-point matching with the 16:9 source, which is troublesome for the installation and use of the LED video wall. Based on this problem, LED screen companies have carried out corresponding research and development.

In addition to the reduction of pixel pitch, how to effectively improve the usability of the product and enhance the user experience becomes a very important research and development idea. Achieving standard resolution, the application flexibility of small-pitch LEDs has been enhanced, providing users with a more diverse choice.

  Front maintenance

Maintenance is a relatively common design for the LED display field. The installation and maintenance convenience brought by the pre-maintenance can greatly enhance the user's application experience, and is also an aspect of the product differentiation advantage. However, the small-pitch LED screen is a low-density high-density display, which is difficult to dissipate. According to the conventional LED screen, the module can only be removed from the front, and the mode of disassembling the power supply and the control card is difficult to use. To this end, in 2015, many companies have strengthened the application of pre-maintenance design on small-pitch LED displays. The pre-maintenance small pitch became one of the hottest product categories in the industry in 2015.

  The commonality of this kind of products is that it breaks the defects of the traditional LED screen power supply and the control card before the inconvenience, and realizes the complete pre-maintenance of the module, the power supply and the control card, thereby effectively saving the installation space and realizing the wall hanging, etc. It meets the complex installation and use requirements such as window display and post-maintenance environment as well as the installation of wall-mounted walls in the mall. The utility model effectively simplifies the installation and maintenance of the screen body, thereby contributing to saving the user space cost and the screen maintenance cost, and is welcomed by the user.


  At present, in the fixed installation of small-pitch LED screens in the market, the competition is fierce, and the homogenization of products is serious. Various manufacturers will closely follow the actual needs of users and create advantageous products as the focus of research and development. The introduction of the pre-maintenance concept is an example. It is believed that there will be many product innovations that are similar to the needs of users in the future.

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