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Under the new technology of LED stage many amazing?The three stage tell you...

Views: 157     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-19      Origin: Site

Nearly period of time, as the market product upgrade requirements and national cultural industry's support vigorously, the rental market significantly into the popular stage, the industry for the rental market of "fragmented" also intensified, powerful giant colour display companies such as leasing new products constantly.Especially in high-end products with small spacing, transparent screen lease under the guidance of our new forces, the development of the rental screen is showing a vitality and prosperity in the rental market.

At the same time, in artificial intelligence, wisdom, accelerated under the environment of urban construction,3D、VR、ARSuch as new technologies, new ideas constantly and the integration of LED display stage, LED display screen facing greater innovation and leasing application space, intelligent is become one of the important trends of the development of the industry, so for LED rental screen, will no longer be limited to the simple display function, especially the intelligent interactive and immersive stage effect such as all-round development, are more likely to gain market favor.

Recently in a lot of stage effects, into the new technology LED display A more amazing performance, they also more advantage in "creative" finish, but also can stimulate more "idea" of the designer.

3 d projection + LED screen

To build the modern version of the peach garden

Recently, the Japanese art of science and technology team teamLab through a set of complex algorithms, the projection, sound and elaborate design space background (LED) combined with real-time generate images, ourphp immersive experience stage.

All works in the changing, real-time generate visual effect.Happened in the visual state can never be replicated, and will never happen again.You can see is the only copy of the picture.

CGI technology + ice screen

Beauty to the unreal!

Norway superstar Kygo in his 2018 Kids in Love in the Arena tour, together with the design team to build the whole concept of stage stage contains the magic cube, huge LED walls and hang from the ceiling and ground "X" form stage photograph echo the "X" form of fixture.Brought a unique and extremely spectacular visual enjoyment.

Centre stage magic cube peripheral installed a layer of ice screen, visual content and LED wall photograph echo, continuously, the sensory neurons bring extreme experience.The nods eyeball pen of the visual design, it is through the use of the reality and the CGI (Computer Graphic Image) technology, build a stunning visual effects.

"Unpacking" concept stage

Move the whole stage

The Chainsmokers band 36 city tour in North America, The stage background screen and floor tile (screen) can be like lego can disassemble, combination, dynamic stage break free from conventions, from The scene of The creative and excessive shock.

Can lift and changeable light condole top, can be multi-angle rotation changes, combined with the V - thru video wall, automatic riser, drop the LED screen, the stage is in a state of moving changes, stage charm multiplied, emerged as a powerful dynamic aesthetic feeling.

From the above several stage to present the overall visual effect, can see clearly under the new technology, LED stage which have magic power.Current pluralism in application places at the same time, such as 3 d, VR, AR the rise of immersive experience, in order to meet the requirements of end users higher visual experience, LED display application technology in the field of stage design is also in constant innovation, leasing products are diversified, small spacing, transparent screen, such as inclusion, for the LED rental screen to bring more likely in the field of stage design.

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