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The differences between nationstar SMD LED and Kinglight SMD LED?

Views: 28     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-25      Origin: Site

VISUALLED Displays used middle and high-end quality and cost-effective SMD LED from brand company, like Nationstar and Kinglight, some of clients will ask what is the main differences between them? Here we have some simple explanations.

Firstly of all, Nationstar is bigger and longer history LED packing company than Kinglight, price is much more for sure. Kinglight is much more competitive this is why suggested to use in the rental led displays applications, they both have warranty on LEDs.

For nationstar LED:

Luminous decay : 5% in 2,000hours, 10% every year after one year.
Dead LED pixel rate : 0.01% within two years, 0.03% after two years.
Working life : 100, 000 hours, 5-10 years or so in theory.

For kinglight LED:

Luminous decay  : 7-10% at the first year, 12-19% every year after one year.
Dead LED pixel rate : 0.02% in 2,000 hours, 0.04% after two years.
Working life : 80,000 hours, 5-8 years in theory.

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