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Small spacing in the field of LED display in the national defense military applications

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-19      Origin: Site

  With the maturing of LED display technology and the improving of the modern national defense strength, LED display system as an important display terminal, information system in military training, military training and military exercises, and daily command combat defense information such as all play a role of the major power increasingly, also for national defense of the rapid development of information constructionSmall spacingLed displayThe application of market to add a new position.

  Industry thinks, the national defense information market is different from general service industry, enterprises want to gain a foothold in the market, you need to ensure the stability of the product, the technical innovation and the comprehensive service capabilities of the enterprise, into the threshold of the market higher, "high standards and strict" will automatically block out part of the enterprise, but will still be quite competitive.LED displayIndustry enterprises want to gain a foothold in national defense information market, you need to improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, product competitiveness and brand influence.Otherwise, lost a huge market potential, not only lost the corresponding interests, also lost the high-end application market influence.


  And entered the field of military defense high standard high demand is certainly have the best of kill two birds with one stone.On the one hand can make the enterprise attaches great importance to the product itself and non-market low price, get the new development of the market, on the other hand, also can form a good corporate brand, sift out bad of enterprises, the power of the industry reshuffle.From now on and watch, LED display, LED display, especially the small spacing in the field of defence has a bigger development, can not only reveal of the defense they can have its own charm.


  Correct judgment battlefield situation changing, policymakers need to fully grasp the situation, based on the front so the screen display effect is very important.With the improving of the small spacing LED display technology optimization, its effect also have a qualitative leap.It can realize automatic point automatic correct brightness and color.Its unique quality enhancement technique, also has provided the safeguard for the overall color effect, effectively improve the overall clarity, perfect match the picture high refresh rate, ensure the fluency and coherence, eliminates the phenomenon of ghosting.Think twice for policy makers, with small spacing LED display can be a real reduction field situation, gives the most comprehensive, accurate judgment and deployment, which laid a foundation for final victory.


  In recent years, small spacing LED display frequently appear in each big business circle, and began to take high-end display market gradually, according to the meeting, traffic monitoring, national defense education, aerospace and other fields to show they are emerging in the process of our defense modernization of a dark horse.


  What is the reason, let small spacing LED display can be popular?Powerful giant color analysis of internal cause, is little distance between the screen display effect and function extension of infinite possibilities, high-definition display effect, no infinite flat-fell seam stitching screen, support 3 d playback, more stereo, vivid, can for the use of a variety of presentation task.External factors and the national support energy-efficient LED application products are closely related.And the social recognition and praise highly of localization technology, further promoting the development of the domestic brands in the national defense.Both of internal cause and external cause, also no wonderSmall spacing LED Can mix quite popular, like a duck to water

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