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Outdoor advertising LED screen market analysis in the future

Views: 231     Author: visualled     Publish Time: 2017-09-19      Origin: Site

The present all kinds of display advertising is more and more rich. The user has not content to ordinary outdoor advertising display mode. And LED display with its glaring color essence, energy conservation and environmental protection products gain more and more share in the market. The outdoor advertising industry in China market in 2015-2020 of foresight and investment strategy analysis report shows that in the first half of 2015, China outdoor advertising overall TouFangE amounted to 61.5 billion yuan, compared with the same period in the first half of 2014, up 11.6%. Global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach $50.7 billion in 2020.

LED outdoor advertising a vast market

From the above data, we can see the outdoor advertising market development space is huge, LED display as a new trend of outdoor advertising media in the 21st century, the future market prospect is inestimable. However, in each big LED advertising operators compete to rise at the same time, the existing problems one by one also exposed outdoor advertising, under such market form, reversed transmission LED outdoor advertising industry innovation must be conducted.

1, LED outdoor advertising in a embarrassing situation

As is known to all, the carrier of outdoor advertising from posters, light box advertising, traditional street signs, neon lights, such as evolution to the outdoor LED display, outdoor advertising provides the more abundant forms, strengthens the propaganda effect, further strengthened the outdoor advertising to support for the construction of the city's image

However, from the point at this stage, the fierce competition has LED firms to profit will be low, the improvement of production capacity, a direct impact on the market supply and demand, price behavior appear frequently. According to the relevant institutions, the survey found about 70% of the LED outdoor advertising companies are losing money, 15% of businesses in the balance of payments, only 15% of corporate profits, more than seventy percent of the LED outdoor advertising display vacancy rates as high as 70%, 80%, makes the whole LED outdoor advertising industry in the embarrassing position.

LED outdoor advertising display screen, a screen probably annual income is equivalent to a traditional sign of 3 to 6 times, operating income in the first-tier cities is relatively stable, but is affected by the economic downturn is limited, prospect is still not optimistic, even in the first-tier cities in addition to the landmark media general regional operation of outdoor LED display also fell, income and spending more and more close to, or even a loss, and in the second - and third-tier cities, operating income of the LED display less optimistic. "

Advertising screen now facing users mainly are: finish the big brands, has been covered, small brands may also can't afford to do, especially around the brand, and the surrounding people to have advertising demand, also can't do. It is understood that the current general area in 100 to an average of 100 square meters or so advertising screen, the price of every second is about 9 cents, but even if is 9 cents, still have a lot of didn't sell and vacancy, it has become the LED outdoor advertising development problem to be solved.

2, LED outdoor advertising how to breakthrough management dilemma?

First of all, LED outdoor advertising accurately targeted is the main factors that affect the cost of outdoor advertising. "Their" very early in the industry have been proposed, but the real market application is still in its infancy. In recent years the domestic urban planning has a characteristics, division more clear, property more clearly.

We need to understand that such an understanding, city function zoning is refined, LED to have higher accuracy on the value of outdoor advertising, make people quickly browse to the relevant information of interest is far more effective than without a purpose of promoting the sale of advertising to direct. Big data collection and application, the continuous renewal of digital media technology for precise delivery provides greater support.

Second, the existing outdoor LED display screen industry technology and the innovation of the outdoor advertising combined operation mode. For example I through the design of LED into the construction, or ring environment, be the highlight of the entire environment or landscape. "

3, LED display manufacturing power of outdoor advertising development

LED outdoor advertising LED display is indispensable to the development of technology innovation, in the face of outdoor advertising dilemma situation, as a supplier of products, LED display manufacturers need to guarantee the quality of the products, not only the need to further optimize the innovation, can let more technology of grafting. For example the standardized production of LED display components, our screen will be on the transport information, especially if the future of smart city in the process of building, can play a good role.

Combined with the innovation and development of LED display technology, LED display to body feeling good integration technology, 3 d technology and AR technology, using cameras, combination technology, 3 d technology and AR technology, many broadcast spreading of outdoor LED display can quickly generate a detailed report of data, and through the relevant algorithm can help advertisers will ads to the most suitable for consumers.

In the future, we believe that under the joint efforts of the LED display manufacturers, LED display will be in outdoor advertising 2.0 era ", to borrow big data, will spread the idea of a good life to a wider audience, we hope.

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