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The screen industry demand growth fast liquid crystal splicing segment trend is obvious

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-19      Origin: Site

In the first half of 2018 is a big market and a good harvest year.Along with the domestic macroeconomic situation is good, with consumption and wisdom industry as the center, display present expansion application requirements.These small spacing,LED display And the LCD splicing surrendered a good paper.

Industry demand growth beyond expectations

     According to the report, the LCD splicing industry growth in the first half of the market back to 3 times.Among them, sales rose 37.1% in the first quarter.With the industry in 2014-2017 to keep the market pattern of growth in the age of 2 contrasts.The industry believes that with the economy as a whole order of the market, a few years ago was suppressed demand is expected to "catch-up release".This is the LCD splicing market growth is larger than in previous years.

      Small spacing LED industry keep the high growth in the "expectations".In the first half of the LED industry as a whole.Including the growth in the upstream and downstream market development and the whole industry from custom to standardize further transformation, the cost of decline, has promoted the prosperity of the market.Expect full-year nearly 4 into the terminal growth period.At the same time, small spacing, outdoor LED screen is also in the development of small and medium-sized commercial meeting new progress has been made on the market.

      With LCD splicing and small spacing LED display Surge, DLP splicing products still continues in the market down trend.This was partly due to the small distance between the LED and 1.8 LCD splicing gap resulting in a competitive relationship, on the other hand is due to lack of DLP stitching industry itself "critical point" and cognitive too calm cause in the market.On the whole, the small distance between LED and LCD splicing market breadth and industrial chain length, become the competitive advantage is much more powerful than technological progress.

     From price, liquid crystal splicing in falling prices cycle - the increase in the price of the upper panel, LCD TV products with the industry trend of contrasts.This contrasts with, splicing products has its own gross profit margin is higher, can absorb the upstream price changes.Industry, however, think that LCD upstream price increases the party ends at the end of the year.And, as in 2018 began a new round of the production of large size line, price is supported by industry pace of expansion.

   To further expand small distance between the LED display market

In the first half of 2017, small spacingLED display Market basic over the last three quarters "grain" out of stock adjustment.The market once again into the price driven model.Fell to 1-2 into industry product prices, further market presents "gesture independent prosperity".

       Look from the upstream industry, LED market is still in the stage of rare prosperity: prices are high, the equipment costs in the down channel, small brands such as exit ZengLi effect lasting, producers, both in wafer and packaging in the expansion of production capacity.But, small spacing terminal enterprise, basic out of "supply" of the third quarter of last year.Although boom period, but the enterprise realize fully occupy more incremental market, in order to form the importance of the regime pattern.As a result, many companies have lower the price and actively expand the order disourphp.

         And the small distance between the LED and LCD splicing on price war also have "conflict".On the one hand, small spacing p1.8 products besides aiming at application markets such as landscape, particularly care about the expansion of security market.The security market is the LCD splicing base.Three or four line city, on the other hand, application, especially the wisdom city project became the focus of domestic market incremental.At the same time in this area is small distance between LED and LCD splicing of empire.

         Small spacing LED display And liquid crystal splicing of price war, is also the challenge of DLP Mosaic products.Industry is expected to lower this year, DLP joining together to cope with the challenge of the two, unit price will be down thirty percent compared with 2015.And dominated by COB technology emerging small spacing LED products, the application of the high-end of DLP stitching as "battleground".This market "on the table" type of conflict, the price war will inevitably become the preferred method.

          In short, since 2017 the domestic market as a whole increment income, but the price war clouds.Between market brand, competing goods technology eyes.The overall market is highly prosperity and competitive superposition;Market brand in the leading advantages such as powerful giant colour to expand, small and medium-sized manufacturers at the rise of the dumbbell structure;Market segments are also deduced stock competition and innovation constantly emerging demand drama "two head"!

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